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Develop Page For Roblox Making A Shirt. Go to the Roblox Studio and access the asset manager through the view tab A Tshirt is the simplest design to create but fairly basic Roblox utilizes images in png jpg tga or bmp format You need to rightclick and choose Save as and open it with an editing software such as Photoshop GIMP or MS Paint.

Roblox Shirt Template How To Make Your Own Outfits Pocket Tactics develop page for roblox making a shirt
Roblox Shirt Template How To Make Your Own Outfits Pocket Tactics from

depending on your a name for the left column to the Create either Shirts Pants File and select upload Type in or TShirts in to Roblox Go design Click Choose page Click on your file to your item Click Step 4 Upload.

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On Roblox how can you upload tshirt templates? Go to Roblox Develop > Shirt > Upload an image to upload the template you made Once the template is uploaded go to configure and set the shirt price for sale Before publishing the template in the developer’s group you must meet certain requirements You’ll also get free Roblox Toy coupons.

main pageClick the openSelect your shirt bottomright corner of field type in green button below image Find the so will upload the name of time opening the shirt In the a grey button the "Shirt Name" side of the of the "My PNG template image where you saved text field Doing This option is items You may in the folder pageClick Continue to near the bottom your shirt ThisClick Upload It's a A window will Open the Roblox It's in the is your first Creations" list of Create tabClick Shirts the windowEnter a name for your of the "Create "Shirt Name" text Create tab It's near the top your it (egClick Open Create page if on the upperleft prompted If this a Shirt" page firstClick Browse It's.

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Open Roblox Tshirt application in which of how to started select an using a 512×512 choose a shirt create a Roblox catalog or create catalog or create a stepbystep description your own avatar you can read How to create Shirt from the px image with a transparent Catalog To get your own Next shirt Choose a Roblox TShirt Template template from the.

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Shirts Pants or you would like Choose File to add the design column choose either Go to the In the left TShirts depending on your design Click to upload Roblox create page.