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Key Byte Roblox. Need help with keybyte () and key press input dngbae2 (dngbae2) November 5 2021 359am #1 I’m trying to get a keypress just for LeftCtrl so that when a player presses that key they can toggle between run and walk However in doing so the number 2 key for some reason also works (so LeftCtrl and Number 2 act at the key byte code ‘50’)Feb 08 2021Sep 09 2020May 07 2020Sep 19 2019.

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User Interface Input All onscreen user interfaces house their own input events Buttontype objects like TextButton|TextButtons and ImageButton|ImageButtons are particularly useful for singleaction input See /articles/Creating GUI Buttons|Creating GUI Buttons for details and examples Text Input A TextBox is a special UI object designed to capture text input like a textMissing key byteMust include.

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