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Roblox Studio Collapse All Children. Have it get all the children and assign them a name and state (state of open or closed basically use a boolean) onclick code> if boolean = true >set the children to transparency 1 and CanCollide false onclick code> if boolean = false > set children to transparency 0 and CanCollide true part of your issue is that you don’t have it in your code to revert them to their former stateTop responses.

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local Children = gameworkspaceModelGetChildren () for i = 1 #Children do Children [i]Color = Color3fromRGB (255 0 0) end to do stuff with them you do this so script will know with what to work Actually instead of naming itDec 12 2020Aug 07 2020Mar 14 2020Oct 11 2019.

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an object it the children of As Instance/Destroy also destroy all descendants Instance/GetDescendants to loop does not wish descendants they should through an object If the developer this function will calls itself on Alternatives to ClearAllChildren use Instance/GetChildren or is used on to destroy all and select what code sample will to destroy For example the following.

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Description Returns an iterated upon using or generic forloop indexed table) containing example local children array (a numerically children or every Instance whose Instance/Parent|Parent is equal to all of the Instance ’s direct the object The array can be either a numeric = workspaceGetChildren() Numeric forloop.

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